A Picture of sibyl vane

Instrumentation: Soprano and Piano

Duration: 5'00

Premiere: November 28, 2017 in Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Sparks and Wiry Cries songSLAM.

Performers: Hayley Boggs, Soprano and Karalyn Schubring, Piano

Text: Adapted by the composer from Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray

Dorian, Dorian,

Before I knew you, the painted scenes were my world. 

You have come and freed my soul from prison.

I see through the hollowness, the sham, the silliness of the empty pageant.

Romeo is hideous, and old, and the moonlit orchard is false.

My love! My love! Prince Charming! Prince of Life!

You are more to me than all art can ever be.

Take me away, Dorian. I hate the stage.


What’s that? Have I killed your love? 

I have killed your love? No! But 

You loved me because I was marvelous,

Because I had genius and intellect, 

And now I am nothing to you?  

A third-rate actress with a pretty face?

Surely you are not serious, Dorian.

I have killed your love?

Prince Charming! Prince of Lies!


Dorian, Dorian,

I am so sorry that I didn’t play my part well.

I should have shown myself more of an artist.

I was thinking of you all the time.

Can’t you forgive me for tonight?


I weep silently. 

I creep nearer. 

My little hands stretch out—

You turn on your heel and leave.