Instrumentation: Cello Duet

Duration: 8'00

Premiere: March 15, 2017, Stamps Auditorium, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Performers: Nathan Walhout and Leo Singer, Cellos

Program Note: As an Arizona native, the only “seasons” I ever encountered were long stretches of intense heat and a few lovely months of what locals deemed “cold weather.” Moving to Michigan allowed me to discover the beautiful features of a four-seasons climate. One of the most stunning changes I encountered were these little white flowers that began poking up out of the ground in early March, and just in time, as grey February skies had been weighing on many hearts. Like the courageous blossoms that press against the ground and gravity with such patience and endurance, this piece begins with a freely flowing song that gradually develops into a more complex, joy-bringing organism. Blossom is dedicated to these pioneers of springtime, in thanks for the hope that they bring.