Instrumentation: Saxophone Octet 

Duration: 6'00

Premiere: April 11, 2017, Britton Recital Hall, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Performers: Jeff Siegfried and Andrea Voulgaris, Soprano Saxophones; Erik Anundson and Connor Mikula, Alto Saxophones; Connor O'Toole and Chance Stine, Tenor Saxophones; Sean Meyers and Jeffrey Leung, Baritone Saxophones  

Program Note: A sunburst is a geometric pattern that is characterized by multiple rays radiating outward from a single, central point. A common character in optical illusions, I find it fascinating that a 2-dimensional design pattern can simultaneously seem so full of energy and movement. My goal in writing this piece was to mirror the accomplishments of the sunburst: harnessing the raw energy and power of the saxophone ensemble through sound.